PG Services

118 Rue du Rhône Genève, CH 1204, Switzerland
Tel: (0) 41 22 810 3338
Fax: (0) 41 22 810 3339
Toll Free: 855 444 0434

PG Services SA is a dealer in rare colored diamonds, established by professionals who have spent decades specializing in the study of precious gems.

Our clients include collectors and connoisseurs from all walks of life who want to partake in the sheer joy of owning something that is both valuable and beautiful. Many of our clients have come to us to learn more about those rare stones which have only in recent years reached the consciousness of a large and growing constituency of admirers.

We also pride ourselves in having attracted an advisory board whose members enjoy the highest scientific and technical credentials and who are recognized for their accomplishments throughout the industry. Sourcing and classifying colored diamonds is an art, because the authenticated value and marketability of these stones must ultimately rest on their physical properties.

The primary dealer-to-dealer trade offices of PG Services are in Geneva and we maintain representative offices in several of the other major world capitals.