0.58 Carat Fancy Purple Pink Diamond Square Radiant Cut SI2 Clarity Argyle Inscription

0.58 carat
Fancy Purple-Pink
Cut-Cornered Square Modified Brilliant

A breathtaking 0.58 carat diamond direct from the Argyle mine in Australia. Half carat plus Argyle pink diamonds are becoming increasingly difficult to source as production at the mine has declined almost 70 % in the last six years and sales for Argyle pink diamonds continue to grow on a global basis as pink diamond jewelry sales increase and investors and collectors acquire these beautiful, unique collector's items to add to their holdings.

This stone is nicely made into a square radiant cut shape and not only is it an SI graded stone, but its unique Purple and Pink color combination makes it a very rare piece at the upper end of the Fancy grading range with very good size for an Argyle Pink diamond.

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