Colored Diamond Jewelry by PG Services

This is just a small sample of the types of jewelry pieces we have helped create using a mix of colored diamonds, white diamonds and white and yellow gold.

Our jewelry specialist has over 25 years of experience setting rare colored diamonds into beautiful pendants, rings, necklaces and earrings.

1.02 Carat Fancy Light Purple Pink Diamond Ring

A beautiful, one carat plus pink diamond set in white gold with a lovely diamond surround accentuating the color of the stone. An amazing piece when put together, really bringing out the color of the stone and creating a very attractive diamond ring.

5.04 Carat Fancy Orange Brown Cognac Diamond Pendant

A very large, impressive Cognac diamond in an impressive emerald cut set in a pendant with yellow gold and a small diamond surround to create a flowing color combination in the setting. This is one of the largest cognac diamonds we have ever worked with and has a rich yet bright color for a dominant brown diamond.

0.55 Carat Fancy Intense Pink Diamond Ring

A highly saturated, pure rose pink color in a classic ring with two supporting pieces next to the pink centerpiece in the ring. The ring is set in white gold and has a simple luster and brilliance to give you a true picture of the beauty of pink diamonds.

1.04 Carat G Color VVS2 Colorless Diamond Ring

This interesting piece has two small round brilliant pink diamonds supporting the white diamond centerpiece. A very interesting and modern setting, simplistic and attractive with an interesting contrast of shapes in simple white gold.

0.74 Carat Fancy Intense Pinkish Purple Diamond Ring

A very attractive, rare amethyst-colored purple diamond ring in a white diamond surround and an elaborate white diamond setting throughout the piece. The ring is absolutely alive in every way and set in white gold.

2.01 Carat F Colored VS2 Diamond Ring

This fairly large piece is set in a simple pink surround and a white surround on the base of the ring. A lovely radiant cut diamond with very attractive and subtle contrasts to create a mystical appearance to the piece.

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