How Do I Get Started?

Recommendations are made based on our clients' requests, such as whether they are looking for larger or smaller stones, rarer, more valuable diamonds, and which colours they are the most interested in. Recommendations are made based on market conditions at present and predictions for the future. The client’s budget is ascertained and personal goals are factored into the recommendation. As advisors, we have to then find goods that fulfill these parameters at a price that is sensible in context to existing market conditions.

We then patiently wait for a quantity purchase, distress sale or other vehicle that enables us to enter the market at a reasonable level. Our goal is to recognize a diamond group that becomes more scarce and more sought after over the long term, with strong sales at the auction, retail and dealer level in major diamond exchanges around the globe. Timing and the development of market conditions ultimately fulfill this reality.

  • Upon locating and securing a diamond(s) that fulfills your parameters a verbal commitment is made.
  • Acquisition is agreed between client and the firm and an account is opened with the company.
  • Confirmation of purchase (sale) is emailed, faxed or mailed detailing diamond color, weight, price and date of purchase and settlement for client approval.
  • Client remits funds to P.G. Services s.a. via wire transfer, Bankers draft, check or other preferred means as designated by the client.
  • Receipt of funds is acknowledged in writing and goods are shipped on instruction via registered and insured courier.
  • Original laboratory certificate(s) and confirmation from P.G. Services s.a are also sent to the buyer.

If you should have any questions or would like further elaboration of this process please feel free to call during regular business hours.


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Tel: (0) 41 22 810 3338
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